The Sky Bar and Observation Deck

A sanctuary of captivating vibes

Where the skies come calling

The Sky Bar

Discover a mesmerizing blend of city views, exceptional cocktails, and epic entertainment that'll leave you spellbound high above the vibrant streets. See the city like never before and discover a truly unique vibe.

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Stunning Colombo City Panoramas

Observation Deck

The panoramic views from our Observation Deck will leave you in awe. Embrace the beauty of the night and let it transport you to a whole new world, high above the city and the streets.

Our Cocktails

An adventure through the flavours of paradise

From classic favourites to creative mixes, our rooftop bar is a paradise for cocktail lovers. Elevate your experience with each sip as you indulge in drinks that perfectly match the stunning views and lively vibe.

Capturing magic in a glass

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